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Mar 22, 2013 6:00am PDT
bob costa of "the national review" and cnbc. bob did pay me to say that. okay. let's start with you. i feel like it's crisis to crisis to crisis and in a way congress deserves and the white house deserves some level of credit in that we thought we might have a, after the fiscal cliff we might have a government shutdown. we're not going to have that but it does feel like we're headed toward this sort of late spring, early summer debt ceiling showdown. am i wrong? then from a policy perspective, can the two sides meet? >> well, i think it's important to remember that we actually have had two and a half trillion dollars of deficit reduction agreed to already. and in all of the votes that they've taken so far we've had significant deficit reduction and both taxes but mostly in spending. and i would say, you know, it does feel like groundhog day because we've gone through two and a half years. great movie. not so great when it's congress. >> not fun when it's real. right. >> but we feel like we have this, i mean, how many times has speaker boehner said one to one? i know it's tiring but
Mar 26, 2013 6:00am PDT
in the southern states. lastly, senate madness. how the heck is bob dole a ten seed? >> anyway, the thing is, the way this bracketing shakes out, sometimes not -- but, ed musky, versus bob dole who saw himself as the great political compromiser, i think we could see upsets today. they would then match up against the winner of the 215 game on daniel patrick moynihan, the great intellectual senator from new york and george mitchell who maybe was a better exsenator than senator for everything he'd done. and then the 2:15 game is dirkson who has a name on the building and was responsible for civil rights getting passed because he ended the cloture vote. imagine mitch mcconnell ending a cloture vote on gay marriage. that's what people would equate it to. but he goes against a 15-seed in margaret smith, the only woman in our bracket and was the first senator to speak out against joe mccarthy. >> a lot of heavy weights there. >> other big potential is phil hart goes against henry lodge. we'll see how it goes, vote today. >> moynihan two seed going all the way. can't wait to see it. we appr
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2